A varied and diverse menu for everyone

Our menu is full of enthusiasm and packed with innovative dishes. Here you will find a diverse selection of dishes that cater to most tastes. From fresh pasta, to burgers and fish dishes, we have something that everyone could enjoy.


Centrum Burger

Brioche bun, 200g beef, lettuce, pickled onion, gouda cheese, bacon, fried mushrooms with shallots, served with truffle fries and truffle mayo

4.350 kr.
Classic Burger

120g dry aged beef hamburger with cheddar, homemade burger dressing, caramelized onions, salad and fries with truffle mayonaise

3.950 kr.
Blackbean Burger

Home-made black bean & beetroot burger, with lettuce, pickled onions, spicy vegan mayo, french fries and chili mayo

3.650 kr.

Our Taccos

Our Tacco comes in a grilled tortilla with guacamole, lettuce, pickled onion, pickled baby chili, yuzu mayo, chipotle sauce, and coriander
3.450 kr.
Tiger Prawns
3.450 kr.
3.150 kr.


Yakitori coal grilled steak

All of our steaks come with same garnish: Sunchoke purré, beetroots, potatoes, and demi-glace

200g Beef Tenderloin
6.950 kr.
Beef Tbone (~600g)
110 kr. per 10g
Dry aged beef Tomahawk (~1400-2000g)
78 kr. per 10g
Lamb Sirloin

Lamb from Eyjafjöðrur, the local area

6.450 kr.
Béarnaise sauce
350 kr.

Small Courses

French Fries

Served with ketchup

1.250 kr.
Truffle Fries

Parmesan, chives, truffle oil and trufflemayo

1.950 kr.
Baked Camembert

Honey, red current gel, cranberries and cheese crackers

2.700 kr.
Centrum Nachos

Cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream

2.550 kr.

Garlic-coriander dressing, lime, chili and panko

3.150 kr.
Langoustine Soup

Creamy soup with Norwegian langoustine, shrimps, sour cream and served with bread

2.950 kr.
Beef carpaccio

Beef carpaccio with truffle oil, Parmesan, salad and truffle mayo

3.000 kr.
Pulled pork on a corn tortilla

Sour cream, pickled onion, coriander and lime.

3.600 kr.

Main Courses

Black Langoustine Pasta

Black linguine pasta, langoustine, creamy langoustine base, spring onion and parmesan

4.950 kr.
Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken thighs, romaine salad, pickled onions, garlic panko, chili & mandarin

4.550 kr.
Fish of the day

Fresh goods from our fisherman, ask the waiter what's on today?

4.850 kr.
Arctic Char & basil

Fried Char and fried local potatoes, broccolini, kale and basil sauce

4.950 kr.


Chocolate Mousse

Baked white chocolate, berries and caramel sauce

2.200 kr.
Lemon Tart "Centrum style"

Lemon curd with lime marengue and blueberries

2.100 kr.
Mojito Sorbet Bowl

Lime sorbet, mint and rum gel, and fresh mint

2.050 kr.
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